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18th February 2020 - Hack Night.
A quieter night than usual saw Daniel playing with a few stepper motors with some help from Paul, some CAD work from Chris, and some interesting conversations.
Sadly there was no work on the laser or printers. However behind the scenes things are moving along.
4th February 2020 - Hack Night.
After a minor repair on the PC it is now up and running, with repetier host and the V3 printer we should be almost ready set to have it as a premenant station for 3D printing! The PC is rather slow though, and I do have some better hardware going spare... should i?...
We also had a donated laptop from Daniel wich has a lot of ram, but a poor CPU, it's much more modern than the PC though so it will find it's use, possibly as the laser cutters terminal.
As the new site gets up and running we will be opening a donations page listing items we would be interested in if anyone is feeling generous, and for credits on past donations. Keep an eye out for that.

21st January 2020 - Hack Night.
We have two new members! Martin has been a few times now so they is a delayed introduction, and Hannah. Both are great with some cool interests,
and both have some interesting project ideas we may be able to develop as a group later on!
We have a permenant PC which will be connected to the 3D printers and laser cutter - though I discovered it needs a new CMOS battery! It seems the
two Prusa i3 clone printers are alive! Though they will need plenty of TLC to actually print well.

16th January 2020 - Makerspace meeting
A meeting that Kevin and Chris attended in Sheffield where we were introduced to the people running the iForge makerspace at Sheffield University.
There is continued development in the Barnsley Makerspace which will be set at the DMC2, Barnsley IO will be a part of this, helping in various capacities!
Updates on this will follow!

7th January 2020 - Hack night.
The first meeting of the year went very well! We had some playing around with a logic analyser.